Every woman’s cycle guide

Practical tips for each phase of your menstrual cycle for a more fulfilling life

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Have you ever wondered why your effectivity comes in waves?

Why some days it’s easy breezy, ideas just keep coming and other days you can barely lift a finger?

Maybe you’re a people person, but some days you just want to get a cosy blanket, have tea and watch a movie and not see anybody?

Are you craving more well-being, better relationships and better planning skills?

Why we created this practical guide

We’ve been there and we want to help you make the most of your feminine gifts. It’s sometimes hard to see them as gifts, especially right before and during period.

During those days you might not even recognize your usual self. You get tearful for a stupid reason or you easily pick a fight with your partner. Then you feel guilty, or frustrated about what happened because you can’t find a solid reason for it.

Unless you’re under medication, this is pretty normal and most of us know the joys of PMS quite well. Recognizing patterns within your cycle will open up possibilities how to use them to your advantage.

Menstrual cycle influences not only your mood, emotions and appetite, but it affects your skills and performance more than you might want to believe.

Women are essentially cyclical, yet we spend so much time pushing against nature, ignoring the wisdom of our bodies. – Michaela

This guide is something we wish we had for ourselves years ago.

When Soňa Jány-Louhivuori (founder of Feel Your S-Sense) started hosting seminars, retreats and regular meetups for women on this topic, she kept encouraging them to track their cycle. When these women started sharing their findings, it became very clear we have a lot in common when it comes to our cycle. More and more women came to us asking for practical information about their cyclicity that they could use in their everyday lives.

Recognizing the signals from their bodies, making the most of each phase has helped them to feel more in charge and more in tune with their bodies. Not everyone can come to a seminar, but we can all benefit from the information. That’s why we wanted to create something easily available and full of simple tips that you can implement right away in your work/business, relationships, self-care, planning, self-development and so on.

gifts of each phase

You probably know the negative sides of PMS quite well, but have you noticed it’s also surprisingly easy to get stuff done right before period? Somehow this turbulent phase is like a creative ride, you might suddenly figure things out, or get brand new ideas and connections.

There are more gifts hidden in every woman that come from her cyclical nature.

We want you to get all the benefits that each phase contains, so you can live your life to the fullest.

“I have discovered that by listening to my body and tracking my cycle I can be not only more productive but productive in the right way & what’s more important: I can be happier and feel comfortable, no matter what mood I’m in.”

– Lucie

Cutting to the chase

There are many books and resources on the topic out there, but we noticed the need to have all the most useful points in an organized form that is easy to skim through.

If you like things nice, short and to the point, this guide is for you. No lengthy chapters where you need to fish hard for the main points. We know you’re busy and you don’t want to be googling through the night.

It is designed to help you navigate through each phase of your cycle easily.

“A big part of female existence and health is the menstrual cycle, hormonal balance and to gain more understanding on this topic is vital.”

– Teea

SneakpeakWhat’s in the guide?

The whole guide is based on the similarities between nature and women, so each phase is named after a season of the year and colour-coded. There are different sections for your quick reference. It’s 25-pages short because we wanted to give you an information-packed product. There are many lengthy resources out there, but try to find an easy to use extract of all the important information that will take you straight to the point.

What sections you’ll find in the guide:

  • We talk about each season in a bit more detail and then we focus on applying the principles to different aspects of life.
  • There are yoga poses to help balance your hormones and to ease pain.
  • There’s a chapter about nutrition to give you tips on which foods might make you feel better.
  • We talk about changes in your sex drive and what kind of sex goes well with each season.
  • We have a separate manual for men so they are not freaked out by the changes but can finally understand us better.
  • There are tips for work/business, so you can manage your time and activities more effectively.

When you understand how the changes affect you, you’ll be able to maximize the strengths and you will minimize the damage.

How big investment in your wellbeing is it?

You can get about three lattes for the same price, except you can go back to our guide when you need to and improve the quality of your life.

Will you like it?

This guide is for you if:

  • you want to be happier and more productive
  • you want to experience less emotional turmoil, pain, exhaustion
  • you want to feel more in charge
  • you want to understand yourself more and reconnect with your body
  • you want your partner to understand you better
  • you like bite-sized information elegantly organized
  • you don’t have time to read books and attend seminars

This guide is NOT for you if:

  • you know your cycle inside and out
  • you like to read long chapters, detailed descriptions
  • you don’t care about elegant design and pictures
  • you have enough time to gather the scattered information

If you feel like you could use more connection to yourself, or you finally want to focus on self-care more than ever before, this guide is for you.

Embrace your cyclicity, optimize your life now!


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